Steps to College Success™ - Start now.  Get there.  Go beyond.
Today's college-bound students start thinking about which colleges might be right for them earlier than ever before—as high school freshmen and sophomores and sometimes much earlier. Applying early to places that are the right fit is a great way to start on the road to college success. But finding the right college and getting in are just part of the picture. 
College success also depends on what students are prepared to do after admission.  Since a college education is one of the most expensive investments most families ever make, it makes sense to be prepared both before the applications as well as after the acceptance letters. What questions could you use a little expert advice to answer? 
  • Are you a high school freshman or sophomore wondering what steps you can take beyond earning good grades to enhance future college applications?
  • Are you a high school junior or senior with a "short list" of colleges that you really want to present yourself to in the best way possible?
  • Would you like to explore how to be ready to apply competitively to medical school, law school or even a Rhodes Scholarship?
  •  Are your academic skills really ready for college-level demands?  
Steps to College Success™ can help you with these questions and many others. From hands-on workshops to one-on-one consultations, we put years of university experience teaching, advising, and mentoring to work to help high school students (and parents) get ready for college life.
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